Grammatica helps you learn or teach the Russian language.

Grammatica gives you stress marks and full grammar tables for words, helps you write in Russian, and much more.

Grammatica is an online text editor made to help you learn or teach Russian

Automatically displays stress marks, translations, grammar

Pronouncing Russian words correctly is easy when you know which syllable to stress (and very difficult when you don't).

Grammatica inserts stress marks, translations, grammar into any Russian text
  • You can copy-paste any text into Grammatica.
    Stress marks (´) are automatically inserted into words.
  • Grammatica annotates each word with grammatical properties and a basic translation into English. EXAMPLE G pl m   =   Genitive plural masculine

Full grammar tables for all words

Grammatica knows more than 4 million inflected forms of Russian words.

  • Instantly bring up full grammar tables for words.
  • The form of the word in your document is highlighted in the table.
Quickly look up inflected forms of Russian words with Grammatica

Learn from any text

Grammatica is made specifically for Russian and you can use any text for learning to both read and write: e-mails, news, Skype conversations, etc.

The pronunciation rules of Russian are very simple. With stress marks above words, you can basically read aloud any text from the moment you understand the Cyrillic alphabet.

Not replacing your teachers or books

Grammatica is a help for teachers and students of the Russian language. It's like a dictionary: it does not dictate any specific method of learning.

Grammatica provides brief Wikipedia-style explanations of the grammar (which are tremendously helpful), but for a complete beginner to learn Russian, you will still need an actual language course.

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Not doing your homework for you

Grammatica gives you the grammar and a basic translation of each word in your text.

The learning process is in combining these two pieces of information, and understanding how and why Russian grammar is so different from English grammar. It's surprisingly efficient!

Teachers save time on class preparation

With Grammatica, you can save time on preparing classroom material for your students.

Paste any text into a Grammatica document - news articles, blog posts, or poems by Pushkin - select the correct forms of ambiguous words, and print it as a PDF.

Type in Russian with English letters

Grammatica transliterates your keystrokes into Cyrillic letters and helps you find the correct forms of words.

Grammatica transliterates from English to Russian and suggests correct forms of words
  • When you type with a Latin keyboard, Grammatica transliterates your text into Cyrillic letters and suggests words.
Grammatica shows you exact grammatical forms of words as you type
  • You can expand each suggestion to see a complete list of words grouped by the base form they belong to.
  • Click the table icon to see all inflected forms of a particular suggestion.
  • Tablet/phone: Tap and hold to expand list of suggestions.
    PC/mac: Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to select.

Forgot what something's called in Russian?

Grammatica helps you quickly look up words.

Grammatica translates English words into Russian as you type
  • If you type an English word, Grammatica looks it up for you in its dictionary.
  • ! Type a forward slash (/) before English words to translate them into Russian (e.g. /hello).
  • When you type a word after a preposition, Grammatica shows you the grammatical cases it governs.

Share documents between teachers and students

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Grammatica runs in the cloud

No software to install. Access your texts from anywhere.

Highlighting helps you see patterns in texts

Grammatica can highlight Russian words based on their grammatical properties or the base form they belong to.

Grammatica highlights Russian words based on their grammatical properties
  • You can highlight words with similar grammatical properties or words with the same base form.
  • ! Use highlighting to see examples of how words are inflected in different grammatical structures.
Configure how Russian words are grammatically hightlighted by using the buttons in Grammatica
  • Use the buttons to choose which properties to highlight by.

Grammatica turns any Russian text into learning material

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